Welcome to AYMARA

AYMARA is a social enterprise created with the aim of reducing inequalities in ethnic communities.

We have launched AYMARA in 2020, the year of the Covid-19 pandemic, the most devastating global health crisis in decades, as it is precisely now when AYMARA is most needed to prevent the vulnerable from being left behind. If most of us are struggling with the pandemic, imagine those who are already marginalized, stigmatized, and socially excluded (see AYMARA Covid-19 secure guidance).

AYMARA is a social justice venture committed to achieve a collective impact between government, private sector and civic society to drive social change. Our ethical business model relies on evidence based and pay for performance practices to ensure an innovative and efficient project delivery. We take an entrepreneurial approach to invest in communities, create opportunities and empower people to transform their lives

AYMARA’s principles of social justice are:


Aymara promotes an equal access to healthcare, housing, education, employment opportunities and wellbeing services, under the premise that social services and resources should be equally available to all.


Aymara advocates for equitable solutions to universal issues, and applies a person centred approach and provides individuals with different resources depending on their needs and socioeconomic circumstances.

Human rights

Aymara promotes respect for civil, economic, political, cultural, and legal rights of individuals, and ensures that human rights are protected and promoted when effecting change and while making impact.

Our mission & vision

Our mission

is to reduce the inequalities experienced by ethnic groups, and help those who are marginalized, stigmatized, and socially excluded.

Our vision

is a world where all different ethnicities can safely and equally enjoy a good life in society, whilst contributing to communities through cultural diversity.

Our values


We promote a culture of transparency and participation, and encourage open access to information and decision making


We apply openness, commitment and personal responsibility, and we expect the same from all stakeholders engaging with us


Everyone involved in AYMARA becomes part of a movement to develop and improve the organization, and is encouraged to contribute to the creative thinking process


We want to work with all stakeholders within a contribution-based environment to achieve our common goal of reducing inequalities


We are determined to endlessly fight against inequalities, and we expect the same from all stakeholders we work with

“We are a Community Interest Company, a business with social objectives set out to tackle minority ethnics’ issues. Our goal is to ensure that all communities enjoy and share a healthy environment, a prosperous economy, and a vibrant civic life.
We invest 100% of funds and resources in the communities.

Our model


Our model is different. We provide a holistic approach to minority ethnics’ health and wellbeing needs. Community engagement is at the heart of our work, and deeply embedded in the core mission of AYMARA. We work collaboratively with other organisations to give full coverage to migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers, while accompanying them through the whole journey.

Vulnerable individuals are assessed and supported in five key areas: state of health, settlement circumstances, training needs, employment situation, and social and emotional conditions, until they finally feel empowered and able to influence others. This is the way we fight exclusion.

The model has been proven highly effective with Latin American communities in London for years and the evidence is based on previous experience and insight from different stakeholders including local communities, local authorities, NHS, PHE, and other charitable organisations.

Facts & figures

There are an estimated 600,000 Latin Americans living in the UK, half of whom live in London.

The lack of official data makes it harder to assess the community’s levels of engagement and needs. The data gap means national and local authorities struggle to target or even understand the need for culturally specific healthcare and community services. Without available public data in key areas, Latin Americans remain marginalised from mainstream services, and therefore invisible.

1 in 5

Latin Americans has never been to a GP

1 in 5

Latin Americans has claimed some form of welfare benefit, a much lower figure than the average

1 in 3

Latin Americans live in overcrowded accommodation shared with others

1 in 3

Latin Americans have experienced workplace abuse and exploitation

2 in 3

Latin Americans perceive discrimination to be a major barrier to improving their quality of life

The availability and dissemination of data is vital to support commissioning decisions focused on reducing inequalities.

Our value proposition is to co-design with local authorities and other organisations an engagement strategy for Latin American communities by providing a comprehensive demographic overview of the community.

Our impact

Theory of change
Our business model is called EWAYA, which means ‘walking together’ in Quechua.
We engage with the most vulnerable in the Latin American communities to enrol them in a cycle where their needs are addressed:

Our methodology for creating systemic change across communities is based on participation, monitoring and evaluation. As evidence of our social impact, we can create opportunities thanks to our engagement strategy and a strong network of partners.


We are specialised in value based and pay for performance healthcare models that include testing, access to clinics, GP registration, and other medical and non medical referrals


We help with the regularisation process and settlement by evaluating housing options and benefits eligibility, and helping navigate mainstream services


We assess training gaps and improve capabilities by providing English language and IT lessons, evaluate study options, and help manage applications and scholarships


We help to identify work experience and employment. We also offer volunteering opportunities with AYMARA to gain skills in casework or engagement

Empowerment & influence

We help enhance social networks and improve the living conditions of service users, so they can become role models for the community and amplify their voice and message

Our services



The Andean condor, mallku in Aymara, the largest flying bird on earth, is a symbol of wisdom and the expression of the spiritual harmony of indigenous communities in Latin America

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