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Aymara has developed a methodology to design a new way to effect change, to give easy access to mainstream health services to people who are invisible and neglected in society. Thanks to their commitment with the community, engagement and retention strategies, and a strong network of partners, the new model promotes social change by delivering an integral service while running an efficient and innovative ethical business.

Our team

carlos corredor

Carlos Corredor

Director of Latin American Services

Carlos has been working with migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and other vulnerable people for more than 20 years, taking the initiative and engaging with communities with the sole aim of helping them. He has developed an extensive network with the local population in London, especially with the most disadvantaged, as well as with key influencers in the Latin American context. Carlos was born in Colombia where he studied public relations, and has lived in London since 1989.



Jose Trueba

Chief Executive

Jose worked in Latin American markets in the corporate sector for 15 years. He travelled extensively and learned firsthand about the difficult conditions and needs of those forced to leave their countries. He then moved to the UK, where he worked in social enterprise and charity organisations, and since then he has specialised in running businesses with social purpose to achieve public goals. Jose was born in Spain where he studied business administration, and has lived in London since 2013.



Claire Muñoz

Senior Advisor

Claire has been a global health professional for the past ten years, having worked previously in business development and partnerships. Her expertise is in policy, advocacy and communications and has engaged with governments, NGOs, and international agencies to affect global health policy formulation and impact. Her areas of focus are mental health, the social determinants of health and universal health coverage.



To ensure good governance and member participation, our democratic model relies on the experience and good judgement of experts of any field. We are recruiting four non-executive directors who believe in mission-driven businesses and their efficiency and growth as a way to create positive change in society. AYMARA’s Board of Directors will be composed of six members who will meet four times a year.
See AYMARA Governing Document.

The Andean condor, mallku in Aymara, the largest flying bird on earth, is a symbol of wisdom and the expression of the spiritual harmony of indigenous communities in Latin America

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